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Mendocino Meats is a first-generation farm offering sustainable meats. In partnership with Golden Vineyards at Heart Arrow Ranch, we aspire to cultivate a diverse and self-sustaining farm landscape.

We love great food, which is why we are so passionate about growing and raising it well. We raise high-quality meats and crops that reflect the unique terroir of Heart Arrow Ranch and the Ukiah Valley.

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Order from our online store hosted by Barn2Door. We delivery every other Saturday around Mendocino County.


Hopland & Cloverdale pick-up spots have just been added!

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Flavorful cuisine that reflects our sense of place

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Heritage breed pigs roam irrigated summer pasture and the oak savanna at Heart Arrow Ranch, enjoying fallen acorns in fall and winter, and locally-sourced non-GMO feed.



Spring to autumn, broiler chickens, ducks, and turkeys pasture at Heart Arrow Ranch and enjoy non-GMO and organic feed.

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Dorset-cross lambs are raised for our specific climate, landscape, and pasture-based management style.

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Belted Galloway, Dexter-Angus, and Charolais cows graze the Heart Arrow Ranch rangelands and summer pasture.

Our goats are with the sheep and cows gr


Kiko and Boer-Nubian goats browse the hills, helping us keep the fire fuel load down on Laughlin Ridge.



A small organic vegetable garden and fruit orchard compliment the meats, poultry, wine grapes, and olives at Heart Arrow Ranch.

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PO Box 321, Redwood Valley, CA 95470, USA

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