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Our happy pigs get to spend their days roaming and foraging the oak woodlands of Heart Arrow Ranch and irrigated summer pasture in Ukiah Valley. Some of the breeds we raise include Berkshire, Red Wattle, Tamworth, Large Black, Mulefoot, Glouchester Old Spot, and Russian crosses. Their nutritious diet, exercise, fresh air and sunshine keep the pigs fulfilled, giving you flavorful pork at any meal.



By maintaining our own breeding herd, we are able to raise healthy pigs that are suitable for pasture life in our specific landscape, as well as produce consistent high-quality meat. Customers describe our pork as sweet, well-marbled, and very flavorful, completely unlike other pork they have tasted. We are proud of the combination of genetics, feed, and care that go into our pork. Our proprietary blend of non-GMO feed contributes to the unique flavor.



As with all our livestock, our pigs live outdoors and have shelter and medical treatment when needed. We care deeply that our animals live the best life possible, treated with compassion.

Are you jonesing for a pig roast this Ju


Whole roaster hogs are available for your special event. Contact us for availability and pricing.

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Enjoy our pork on the menu at The Golden Pig in Hopland, or find retail cuts at Ukiah Natural Food Co-op in their frozen meat section. You can sometimes find our pork for sale at Thistle Meats in Petaluma or The Local Butcher Shop in Berkeley. When available, our pork is also for sale on the Mendo Lake Food Hub. 

Whole or half hogs, cut and wrapped, are also available for purchase directly from us.

Come to one of our regular Open Houses at the ranch to purchase directly from us. Subscribe to our newsletter to find out when the next Open House will be.