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Spatchcocked Chicken is EASY

I am always looking for an easy, new way to cook our weekday dinners. I'd seen spatchcocked chicken before, and when I tried it, it was amazing - easy and delicious!

It's easy to butterfly one of our pasture-raised chickens with poultry shears.

Whole Chicken Roasted Well

We get our chicken processed whole, so when we want chicken for dinner, we usually get to cook and enjoy the whole bird. Nothing gets wasted. Before I could try roasting a spatchcocked or butterflied chicken, I had to get poultry shears, which was easy to find at the local grocery store. We already had the right roasting pan and rack.

One of my favorite home-cooking resources online is Serious Eats, which I originally learned about through the associated podcast, Special Sauce with Ed Levine. Their chief culinary consultant, Kenji López-Alt has done a lot of testing of kitchen techniques, and he has a great recipe and video for cooking Spatchcocked (Butterflied) Roast Chicken With Quick Jus Recipe.

Spatchcocked chicken is out of the oven and "resting."

Making the jus. It's really good, especially the lemon in it!

The main thing I learned that makes the spatchcock method ideal for poultry is that the breast gets cooked to a lower temp than the legs, which you need to happen if you don't want the breast dried out. This kind of food science is what we love, so you might see us reference Kenji again in the future blog posts about home cooking.

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