We raise chickens, ducks, and turkeys at Heart Arrow Ranch in the open and on non-GMO and organic feed. From spring through autumn, our poultry is available fresh soon after processing or frozen when available.

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We raise Cornish Cross and Freedom Ranger chickens at Heart Arrow Ranch in the open and on 100% organic feed.

Cornish Cross chickens have a more tender texture and more delicate taste and are ideal for dishes that are cooked quicker and at a higher heat. They are raised to 8-10- weeks old. We aim for a carcass weight of 4 pounds.

Freedom Ranger chickens have a firmer, developed texture and richer, fuller taste. They are best for slow-cooked and braised dishes. They are raised to 12-weeks old. We aim for a carcass weight of 4 pounds.

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In spring 2018, we raised our first batch of Pekin ducks on green grass at Heart Arrow Ranch, and we are excited to raise them again in 2019! Customer feedback has been very positive.


For the 2020 Holiday Season, we are raising a very limited number of Thanksgiving turkeys for sale. Be sure to subscribe to our email list to be the first to hear about them. You'll be able to order them through our webstore hosted by Barn2Door.

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Taste our chicken at The Golden Pig in Hopland.

In Spring 2020, we're starting to use a new online ordering service called Barn2Door. Order from our Shop and meet the refrigerated van at one of the delivery spots.


We're getting the meat directly from the farm to you!